Thursday, October 14, 2010

Russian women for marriage

There are many Russian women for marriage at free Russian dating sites these days. Seeking Russian girls for dating at these sites is common. Russian dating services have been having more and more single women and men joining each month. There are several things that makes Russian dating sites appear to be interesting to its users, especially when compared to conventional dating agencies.

Russian girls dating for marriage who register their profiles at these Russian dating services are ready for a long term companionship. The fact that you have all the control to decide whom you want to meet and whom you are planning to make contact with are another great advantages you get from using Russian dating services. Russian dating websites are also considerably safe, and you can minimize your risks as low as you want to. If you do not want people to know your personal details too much, you can always set privacy profile of your account accordingly. You meet with beautiful Russian girls without having to meet them physically. This can reduce the amount of time spent to search dates, and could also be safer since you are not meeting with strangers in person. Russian brides come to America by knowing American men or Russian American men at these dating sites. It is easy to get started with Russian dating services. There are several Russian dating services available throughout the internet, and you can even get reviews on various sites available to know which one is the best for you. Once you have decided which site to join, all you have to do is sign up and create your dating profile.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

dating hot russian women

It is very difficult to date hot russian women. They are hard to get, and they well deserve it, because they are the best and thus deserve the best. You really need to understand that these women are always in demand, and they get dating offers day and night and so you need to really stand out to even get a look of hers. But then you do not need to be very good looking to date hot women, all that you need is not to be desperate and to be different.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

In Russia, brides mail-order YOU

Mark Adomanis On Russia

A friend sent me this reddit feed (ok you probably don’t really care, but since I am aware of all internet traditions I follow proper blogging protocol at all times and in all places with a rigorous and unyielding consistency) , which contains a link to what is probably the funniest Craigslist advertisement in human history.

It is an ad aimed at Americans who want to marry Russian women. “No big deal, Mark” you might say, “aren’t there like thousands of those sites? Don’t the advertisements on your own blog frequently include websites that aim to find ‘true love’ somewhere in Eastern Europe?”

Well, what distinguishes this particular example from the rest of its competitors, what separates it from its imitators like wheat from chaff and what displays a truly remarkable level of sophistication and foresight, is that it asks the American males at whom it is targeted to move to Russia to avoid riots that will take place in the future. That’s right, kids, no one is trying to finagle a green card here and no one is chasing a blue passport! In fact, in modern Russia, you must be sponsored by your (mail-order) bride to be, and you must prove your worth in order to receive (Russian) citizenship!

My comedy skills aren’t what they used to be, so just for kicks here is the ad’s actual text (I swear I’m not making this up)

Morons who think that Russian women are looking to escape Russia to come to America, stop reading now and don’t bother contacting me. Men who would like to find a beautiful, in shape, family oriented Russian woman who will be willing to marry you and sponsor you to come and live in a stable, prosperous, capitalist Russia – do get in touch! I can help you find a woman who will not only become your loving wife, the mother of your children, but who can also help you escape what’s coming soon: the Great American riots, desperate unemployment, $120 loaf of bread, the criminals both in the streets and in the government that rob you blind any way you turn, and live in a stable, safe environment of Mother Russia. You can get your Russian Green Card in 3 years and Russian citizenship in 5. But beware, streets are not paved with gold in Russia. People do have to work for a living but you will find the change incredibly refreshing once you escape the confinds of USSA (United Socialist States of America) and set your foot on free soil of Mother Russia where your dreams of freedom, prosperity, stability and having a loving wife and family can be realised.

There is, I think, a vaguely serious point buried somewhere in here, which is the apparent inability of many Russians to distinguish between plans (or other future activity) and reality. I totally believe that whoever wrote that ad really does think that the United States stands on a precipice of chaos and disorder. To a certain extent this is just normal human ignorance, but based on my experience it appears that this sort of magical thinking about the future is a bit more prevalent among Russians than among other nationalities. I remember a few weeks back I said something banal and inoffensive to the effect of “Russia isn’t a superpower,” and someone showed up in the comments hysterically screeching “but the Russians said they are going to build 85,000 aircraft carriers by 2050, and only superpowers can do that!!!” The legacy of Soviet planning, in which the biggest and most dramatic improvements were always 3-5 years down the line, does a lot to explain this, and I think it goes without saying that this is a pattern of thought that is deeply destructive. Looking to the future is a good thing, but looking endlessly to the future while studiously ignoring that crappyness of everything around you is not very healthy.

But yeah, back to the main point, apparently you can move to Russia to find the women of your dreams. To whomever is brave/stupid enough to give that idea a shot…well, good luck.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

if you marry a russian bride

Traditionally the following expenses are the responsibility of brides family and some are the responsibility of groom's family, if you marry a russian bride, do you expect her family to pay for the wedding and the following:

* The bride’s family pays for:
- Reception costs, including food, music, decorations, rental fees and entertainment
- Ceremony Costs including rental fees, decorations
- Flowers for Ceremony and Reception
- The bride’s wedding dress and accessories
- Invitations, announcements, programs, and mailing costs
- Favors
- Photography
- Transportation
- Their own attire and travel expenses

* The groom’s family pays for:
- The rehearsal dinner, including food, invitations, decorations and entertainment
- Their own attire and travel expenses
- A wedding present

* The bride pays for:
- The groom’s wedding ring
- A wedding gift for the groom
- Her hair, makeup, beauty treatments
- Gifts for her attendants
- Sometimes accommodation for any out-of-town bridesmaids

* The groom pays for:
- The marriage license
- The bride’s engagement ring and wedding ring
- The honeymoon
- A wedding gift for the bride
- The bride’s bouquet
- Gifts for his attendants
- Corsages for the mothers and grandmothers
- Boutonnières for men in the wedding party
- Sometimes accommodation for any out-of-town groomsmen
- Fee for the officiant

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

christian russian brides

Have you ever wondered how on earth you are going to find a Christian russian wife ?
This may be one of the most important decisions you have to make in your life and it may decide whether you'll have a happy marriage and will also affect your children. There are no exact rules for everyone as God deals with us individually and we also live in different cultures where some of the less important matters differ. It may help to read Genesis 24 through carefully. It deals with someone who was looking for a bride for a young man and gives us some good principles to follow.

Look for a Christian wife that suits you. Do not marry a girl/man who is not a Christian. Dating non Christians
Read Genesis 24:3-4 as well as 2 Corinthians 6:14-15.

Trust the Lord that He will show you in some way who the right one is (Genesis 24:7).

Pray that the Lord will show you the right person (Genesis 24:12).

Look for someone who is helpful and caring and outward looking (Genesis 24:17-22).

If you want to know where to find the right good decent christian russian bride be like a fisherman. When he wants to catch fish, he goes where the fish are, the river or lake or sea. If you want to find a Christian russian wife, you should go to russian church or the youth group where russian Christian women meet.

If you pray that God will guide you in this and follow these guidelines you can be sure that God will lead you to the right woman or at least in the right direction if it is not your time to get married. Be patient - sometimes it takes God years to work out in you his maturing process so you are ready when the right woman comes along.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Russian women vs. American women

I have found this on one forum, as big fan of russian brides and russian wives myself, I support everything dude says about foreign wives and girlfriends, but find it harsh to trash talk about american women in general like this, is his mother an american? sisters? aunts?

A huge percentage of American women are selfish, flighty, insecure, needy and psychotic, and quite capable of concealing those traits during the dating phase

White 'career' American chicks are the bottom of the barrel marriage-wise.

Foreign women from South America, Eastern Europe, and Asia are at the top. Only guys who travel (in other words, guys who are successful and ambitious enough to travel a lot) find these. But they never, ever go back.

Foreign-born women living in the US are the next best. They get married early...they are highly sought-after by American guys for their wifely skills (hell, any women who has ANY ability to be a wife is better than your average American chick, who knows NOTHING about being a wife)

Bottom of the barrel---white American chicks. Yecch.

Here's a story: I knew a guy who was Hungarian (parents emigrated) who tried for 15 years to find a half-decent women to marry. He's a doctor, by the way. Finally after 8 psycho-weirdo US chicks, he went back to the 'old country' to find a wife. The people there were lining the women up for him to meet...he's a rich American guy...they are considered the best husbands in the world.

He found this lovely wife. She is a total gem, and he's happy as hell. 2 kids. Happily ever after.

I will go one step further and differentiate between Western women vs. non-Western women. This is not just an American phenomenon, most women in Western countries have that cold, bitchy, superficial, stuck up attitude. A lot of Western women hold themselves as the pure center of the relationship. If the men don't fit a rigid and unrealistic criteria or she doesn't feel the man can take care of her enough (even if she has a higher paying job) then she will drop him like a hot potato, regardless of his character or commitment to the relationship.

Popular Myth: Western men looking for foreign wives are only seeking subservient slaves.

Truth: Most Western men today are evolved and modern and truly believe in the 50/50 system. Most Western men are dismayed by the lack of sincerity of Western women. I can do my own laundry and cooking thank you!

Yes, Latin American and Eastern European women do make better mates because both come from more conservative and family oriented cultures where relationships and commitment are actually revered.

I was absolutely blown away by the quality of women on my trip to eastern Europe. Classy, cultured, traditional values, how could you ask for more?

One year with my Japanese girlfriend

So far...
-No fights.
-Great sex every night.
-She cooks a delicious meal every night (unless I take her out).
-No guilt trips for going out with the guys.
-Thin and absolutely beautiful.

Think I've finally found myself a keeper. One thing's for sure; I'll never go date an American girl again.

Latin American women seem to make decent wives. My friend married a hot girl from Venezuela. Sweet, beautiful, cooks, cleans, and is the perfect wife. Like how American women were in the 1950s America.

As I said, it's a competitive marketplace. We're not looking to marry other men. The real world is not about what is fair, but what you can get.

American men have options. American women do not. So the American women huff and puff, and scowl at the incoming foreign brides who don't demand the feminazi equality bullshit. You WISH American men didn't have choices. You're like a labor union that's pissed off because the company is hiring non-union employees.

Honestly I wish I could have found an American wife with all the qualities of my foreign wife. I could not, because they do not exist. Here is a partial list of her loveliness

1: Sensible and good with money.
2: Genuine commitment.
3: Very family oriented.
4: She enjoys housework.
5: Hard working.
6: She does not have to diet to look great

Foreign women are comfortable in their femininity. As a male I am attracted to this. And I love her with all my heart.

I believe that American women have priced themselves out of the marketplace. Too needy, too many headgames, too easy to divorce.

Not many foreign men want American wives either.

American women..
- highest maintenance (I've never heard of a foreign bride demanding her husband buy expensive house & cars)
- fattest in the world
- most likely to cheat
- highest rate of divorce (60% - US-US marriages; 20% - US-foreign marriages)
- largest payout in divorce court (you'll be ass-raped for everything you earned, plus most of what you will earn for years to come)
- bitchiest
- most likely to nag constantly
- most likely to believe in feminism and "equality"
- most likely to hate men
- spend least amount of time with her children
- worst at cooking and cleaning
- fucked & chucked by tons of guys before tricking you into marriage

3 reasons to marry an American woman

1. You actually believe BBW = big BEAUTIFUL wife.
2. You believe nagging is essential for personal growth.
3. You really look forward to the day your BBW wife divorces you and you gladly fork over 50% over your hard earned assets, plus child support and alimony (a lard ass bitch for sure is not going to have a good job). Then after that you have to figure out how to live on 20% of your income.

Every foreign girl I've met was superior in every conceivable way to any other girl I've known, from attractiveness to personality.

I have a foreign Latino girl and she blows away American women. This web site are 100% true; I can speak from experience of living with my girl for a month. I could never go back to American trash women. I also use to think web sites like that were stupid until I had the experience for myself. It has changed my life for the better, made me look at American women in a different light.

I wouldn't even consider dating an American women, the majority are bitchy prudes that only put out when they think they can cash in. I for one will never spend a huge amount of money of some stupid bitch just to get laid. Mexican and Asian women are a much better choice and they look better than American chics too.

After many many years of dealing with American women, I've hit an interesting point. I've lost ALL sexual interest in them, in fact I just about puke walking down the sidewalk on any day, seeing all those shitty, rude, mean, snotty American women.

Strange thing, cause for so long I've been quite a horndog, chasing women at all levels. I'm still totally attracted to foreign women...Indians, Orientals, Europeans.

But show me an American chick and I basically couldn't care less. Tell me how "beautiful" she is...doesn't matter. I suppose from an intellectual viewpoint I can see the beauty, but it's not any more attractive to me than...let's say...admiring a beautiful horse or a well-groomed cat. OK, admirable, but not sexy folks.

They say that sex is 90% mental...well, my mind has rejected American women completely.

Since I've been traveling overseas I have met many nice Japanese, Russian, and Spanish women. I can tell you this....the women are so much better. I want a lady that, when I get home from work, would rather kiss me than scream at me for some trivial reason like I didn't mow the lawn. I can do without the nagging thanks. To all my fellow American men... American women are easily replaceable...go Asian, or Russian, even European (except British, Italian, and French women) and you can't go wrong. Experience is the best teacher.

I can not date white American women anymore. I was in the navy and I have seen the light. Women from other countries just look better and treat you better too! I didn't pay for shit when I was overseas and I pay up the wazoo here. Any rational person can figure it out from here.

American women are high-maintenance primadonnas with attitudes. I'd take a foreign born Russian or Latina woman any day. They are much nicer and normally MUCH SMARTER than most American women - plus they don't watch Rosie and Ricci Lake - they go to the library or perform outside activities.

Dating or being married to an American woman is like driving a beat-up Ford Escort. If you are only used to driving a beat-up Ford Escort, then you have no idea what it feels like when you drive a Bentley or Ferrari. You need to at least test-drive a Ferrari, so you'll have a reference point on what a real car feels like.

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russian brides dating services

If you are seeking russian brides online, decide first for yourself what type of relationship are you seeking? would you like a fling, friendship or perhaps marriage, because the type of romantic relationship you are seeking establishes your approach and the dating site you’ll sign up. There are different types of russian dating services, traditional marriage agencies, there are free or almost free dating sites for russian women seeking men abroad, there are services offering "hot russian brides" or tour companies arranging your "visit" to Russia.

No matter what service or dating site you will choose to use, be cautious about revealing a lot of personal information like telephone numbers, house address and work address. Err on the side of prudence. While you chat do not permit yourself to be bullied or perhaps subtly threatened to expose private identifications till you’re certain of who you are chatting with.

If you feel unease dating someone, if you think something is wrong, most times it is. Trust your gut, if your intuition is telling you something is wrong, most times it. Do not allow fear of being lonely fool you and get yourselves scammed.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

future of russian brides online dating

The future of russian online dating, whether you are looking for the chance to meet a beautiful russian girls to flirt with or find your perfect hot russian bride, who will be love of your life and your devoted loving caring wife, does seem to be assured, as the high divorce rate in US and number of people staying single looks set to continue globally in the years to come, and more american men will continue to search for russian brides - for love, happiness and stability in foreign countries like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.

However, things are about to change in the future of russian online dating, just as dating changed with the advent of the internet. Only this time it may be even more of a revolution, as computers get faster along with Internet connection speeds. These advances will bring more exciting ways to date and meet russian brides as social networking sites have recently shown. As computer graphics improve, we will see Virtual reality start to become the norm in online dating.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

russian brides scam

In January The Sun-Herald wrote: "Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the arrest of two alleged marriage agency fraudsters after a Sydney man wrote to him, saying he had been conned by a sexy young Russian brunette offering marriage over the internet.

Terry McCarthy, from Epping, was so outraged after allegedly being ripped off that he wrote directly to Mr Putin, declaring it was a matter of "Russian honour" that she be brought to justice. So touched was the Kremlin leader by the carefully crafted letter, he ordered police to track down the criminals, regardless of time or cost.

Russian women are seen as attractive partners by foreigners, explaining a rise in mixed marriages, many of them arranged by bride agencies, the point it to find a legitimate russian bride.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

hot blonde women dressed in red

Blonde women wearing shades of scarlet or red are more likely to be asked out on a date!

The study involved more than 100 men, mostly university undergraduates, being shown picture of "moderately attractive" women and asked to rate how pretty they were, how much they would like to kiss them and how much they would like to have sex with them.

Men were shown a woman, with some of the pictures bordered in red and some in white, grey or green. Even though it was the same picture, men rated her as more attractive when bordered in red than by another color. Other photos showed a woman in different colors of shirts and again red scored strongly. It was also estimated they would spend almost twice as much on her if she was dressed in red compared to her in white.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Brides for Sale

Brides for Sale by Ana Seymour

Adventure! The Seattle air crackled with it, making Emily Kendall's blood race. Coming west as a mail-order bride had been the most outrageous thing she'd ever dared. Until she was faced with the deliciously shocking possibilities posed by Austin Matthews--the one man in town not shopping for a wife!

Austin Matthews, saloon keeper and frontier businessman extraordinaire, reveled in the bold and bawdy life of the West. A life about to be upended by a seemingly prim New England miss with eyes of springtime green. For Emily Kendall had enough improper ideas to keep the West wild for the rest of their lives!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

quality russian brides profiles

Successful dating online for beautiful russian brides seeking men abroad is impossible without creating a quality profile.

quality profile and good photos are the most important aspect of dating experience. Don’t just say ‘Nice guy seeks nice russian girl’ or – ‘Beautiful russian girl seeks nice italian man... or funny and sweet french man... or well balanced and serious german man ... man ’ how boring does that sound?

Take the time to say something about yourself, your lifestyle, your interests and the type of person you’re hoping to meet. And remember to sound happy, upbeat, fun and confident; if you’re miserable about your recent breakup, then keep it to yourself! This isn’t the time for modesty; if you think you’re pretty darn attractive, then be sure to say so. And humour is a real ice-breaker – if you can make someone laugh, they’ll be more likely to want to contact you.
Always post a good picture with your profile. Remember, majority of single men on dating sites only search for russian brides who have bothered to provide a picture of themselves. You want to see what other potential partners look like so it stands to reason that other people will want to know what you look like too. If your photo isn’t recent or isn’t a great likeness of you, you can always say so in your profile.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

single russian women brides

Do you know that one out of five single women in Russia now use some kind of on line dating service? That’s 20% of all single women in the whole Russia! The percentage of these single women who actually find a real romance or relationship as a direct is probably less than 10%. And the percentage of russian brides marrying foreign men, men from Canada or USA, Australia and UK, and moving abroad is even way less than that. It’s true that some dating sites are better than others; they have more traffic, they are better to navigate; they just ‘work’ whilst others just don’t. But what really matters is how single women and of course men use a site when they actually sign-up to one.

Monday, July 12, 2010

meeting russian brides on internet

With the popularity of russian brides among western men, it’s no wonder russian dating itself is continually growing. Getting to know some beautiful russian bride from the comfort of your own home is an affordable luxury with online dating. There is no guesswork involved either of whether the other woman is single, because they are all single. And they are all there to find a compatible partner, they are looking for marriage and relationship. Get home after a hard work day, login, and check your inbox. There are no unsociable hours online, it’s a twenty four hour lifestyle. With no need to dress up as no one can see what an online dater is wearing, there is no need to spend hours getting ready. Comfort is the only concern.

Every detail of beautiful russian women brides is there in black and white. The things they love in life, their desires, and what they want out of life. Once you have found some profiles of sexy russian brides who interesting and compatible, e-mail or instant message is all it takes to get some possible conversation going!

Monday, July 5, 2010

find a perfect beautiful russian bride on-line

What’s the difference between initial eye contact across a crowded bar or a conference room and an email via some russian dating website? Less than you think. The key point: you can be as wrong – or right – about someone you slap eyes on in a bar as you can online. And your intuition will still be the only guiding power when it comes to weeding out the legitimate russian brides from the fake profiles and photos of some beautiful russian women. Fate certainly ensures that we kiss a few frogs before coming up trumps with a Prince. So if you want to try to find a perfect beautiful russian bride on-line, go right ahead, because, love can hit you from all the different places.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

free russian brides dating sites

Online russian dating has generated a lot of interest both in the online and offline communities. This is all because of its phenomenal success in competitive internet business niche. Russian brides dating offers an attractive alternative to the traditional way of meeting women. Russian women dating websites offer thousands of russian women profiles with beautiful photos, thousands of profiles of canadian australian, uk and american men seeking russian brides, real time chat, emailing, IM and video chatting. Russian dating has grown to be more convenient compared to old internet russian mail order brides services.

Free russian dating services let you meet russian beautiful girls without any charges. You will get a feel of how things are and if you want to proceed and find a russian woman to be your wife. Those free russian dating sites enable you to try it first before making a financial commitment. The best part of free russian dating web site is that you can post a profile, browse members of a website and email russian women at absolutely no cost. The downsize is that often too many women on those websites are hardly interested in relationship, marriage to a foreigner and moving to a different country.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

marry young russian brides!

A recent study found that men live longer if they marry younger russian brides, and that the longevity benefits accrue with each additional year the woman is younger than the man.

A man’s chances of dying early are cut by a fifth if their beautiful young bride is between 15 and 17 years their junior. The risk of premature death is reduced by 11 per cent if they marry a woman seven to nine years younger.

Every man reading this is saying to himself “They needed a study for this?”.

The results suggest that russian women do not experience the same benefits of marrying a toy boy or a sugar daddy.

Russian wives with husbands older or younger by between seven and nine years increase their chances of dying early by 20 per cent.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Brides Sale

in Bulgaria, gypsy teenage girls, dressed in their finest, once a year gather for the yearly bride sale. This is something they do on the first Saturday after the start of the Orthodox Easter fast. The girls hope that youth and beauty wins them a large sum. While this might sound strange to us ("oh no, it's not part of our 'traditional' marriage 'cause we marry for love and never put our women on sale"), matrimony has traditionally had an economic side. Of course, when talking about tradition, the question is "how far back do you want to go?"
Marriage is problematic as an institution because it compromises love. Marriage compromises love because marriage is a commercial arrangement; it can involve an exchange where people are considered as commodities. Georges Duby writes of medieval marriage that "the exchange, then, involved a woman, or, more precisely, her anticipated motherhood, her blood and all that it brought to the new family in terms of both ancestral force and claims to inheritances." And, yes, by the thirteenth century, this exchange holds true in Europe not just for the nobility but farmers, drapers, and fishmongers. By 1290 even peasants and merchants in the British Isles had surnames, often based on their occupation or place of origin, with Christian names dropping "son of." For example, my last name, Minogue, is Irish and starts appearing in records in the eleventh century. Minogue comes from the Gaelic O'Mineog, which means "descendants of a little monk." (Now, as to why a little monk has descendants is a different story....) Even marriage for the poor involved a commercial exchange, as farmer needed a woman to spin and cook while he ploughed the fields all day. Through a fortuitous union, a farmer could possibly acquire additional land.
And the Christian church in the first eight centuries did not concern itself a great deal with marriage and divorce customs of the poor. It took several centuries for the same rules to apply to people of all classes.
Marriage contracts were for the wealthy, but they provide us some ideas of the economic exchange. One of the few surviving Anglo-Saxon marriage contracts (circa 1020) is an agreement between Godwine and Brihtric, who is father of the unnamed bride. During the courtship, Godwine gave her a "pound's weight of gold in return for her acceptance of his suit, and he granted her land with everything that belongs to it, and 150 acres at Burmarsh and in addition 30 oxen, and 20 cows, and 10 horses and 120 slaves."
In Geoffrey Chaucer's "The Merchant's Tale," the sixty-year-old rich knight January decides he wants a young, beautiful bride to engender an heir. As he seeks a bride, the shapes of women "pass through his heart.../ As if anyone took a brightly polished mirror / And set it in a public market place." Old but rich January eventually chooses the low-born but young May, who accepts his money and cuckolds him at the first opportunity. It was a bad business deal -- for him, not her.
Another May, that is, Mae West, allegedly said, "Marriage is a great institution, but I'm not ready for an institution." If you think marriage is only about love, think again.