Friday, May 29, 2009

Brides for Sale

Voices of Our World

Part One: BRIDES FOR SALE: For $15,000 anyone can buy a woman and “get married.” Trafficked or enslaved women suffer silently, carrying the shame of having been sold, fearing their husband’s whims and the threat of immediate deportation if they do not obey. With no family and friends, little command of the local language and no knowledge of their rights, few know where to turn for help. Elinoar Astrinsky speaks with Maryknoll Sister, Giang Nguyen, who created a support network for Vietnamese direct order brides in Taiwan.

Part Two: BRIDES FOR SALE, NOT JUST IN TAIWAN: The mail order bride industry took off in the late 60’s as demand for submissive women rose. Today, the direct order bride industry is booming! Thousands of websites offer young, demure, obedient brides from abroad. Billions are exchanged as authorities turn a blind eye to organized crime’s unregulated industry. Marriage is legal after all. We continue our discussion with Maryknoll Sister, Giang Nguyen, about the discrimination and abuse that direct order brides endure and how we can help create laws to protect them. One nation at a time.

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