Monday, May 25, 2009

can this be true?

“… As many others around the world, I didn’t believe in finding love online. I thought the most of those who are looking for long distance relationships and russian brides were perverts or mentally ill, etc. One day, I got a link from a friend of mine, the link was to the forum where people discussed exactly the same issue we did yesterday at my home. So that was why I visited this dating site for the first time. I read everything written and then one more topic, and so on. I had to register to be able to discuss something, so I did it. That’s how I found myself on a dating site with plenty of beautiful women. I was really bored at the moment, so I just wrote a massage to the prettiest woman I’ve found there. Her aim of registration was erotic chat, so I choose her. Well, though I checked my mailbox from time to time she did not answer me. I forgot about this matchmaker for about a month. Did I know that the woman of my dreams would be there? No, definitely not, I think I would laugh loudly if someone told me something like that then.

I had my birthday soon and I got a greeting from luckylovers team,

And I remembered those sexy Russian brides I saw there. There were almost 6 hours to the party, everything was done I was free and decided to flirt a bit. The moment I logged in I got four or five letters – people greeted me with my birthday and I was flattered. That was so nice and I was smiling right when the chat window popped up. The girl there wrote something to me and we chatted about nothing then. But this window showed me how they communicate with each other. I contacted several women and even wrote something in the forum, not bad, I thought to myself before logging off.

I started visiting this site from time and finally I was contacted by Vera from Russia.

We started talking about some silly stuff. And I asked if I could put her on my friends list. She said yes and placed me on her. So we met every time we were on the site. She told me that her name means Faith and she became my Faith soon as well as Love and Hope.

But that was later, now after talking online to each other every day for about a week or so, she asked me if we could call her on the phone. I was really scared and exactly at that moment I understood she means something for me.

She lived in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia, so I bought a couple of phone cards to use just in case. When I first dialed all the numbers, I was extremely nervous, my hands were shaking and I was imagining how her voice would sound like. I heard a lot of terrible stories about internet games and somewhere unconsciously I thought she might have been some 55 year old, overweight woman who just wanted a younger foreign man to talk to. But her voice sounded like ringing bell and I loved her at the moment she said her Russian “Alle”. We talked for nearly half an hour that night though I always hated talks over the phone.

And now, we have been talking for about six months or so online and on the phone. We met once when she was in Sweden for a day with the student of her group. Now I am planning to visit her in the nearest future in her home town and, yes, my Vera has given me Love and Hope and made me more open and sincere. I still could not believe myself but marriage is in my mind too as a part of the picture that is being drawn by us. Not right away, but in time. I love her with my heart and soul and seems I would do anything for her. Nobody will recognize that skeptical guy now, I know some may call me crazy and say that love can’t happen over long distances (as I was saying before). But I truly believe that we’re soul mates and everything is in our hands.

Bernt, Sweden.