Monday, June 1, 2009

how Bernd met Yulia

".... We are Bernd and Yulia and we also met onlin.
By the time we met Yulia had broken with her husband and had also gone through a divorce and registered herself on russian dating site with a purpose “friends, pen palls”. She did it in the hope to calm herself somehow during the difficult months that followed after that divorce. Yulia told she urgently needed somebody just to speak, but did not want to bother her friends and just did not want to meet a psychologist.

When we started talking online together, we were both afraid of entering relationships with others but at the same time we were beginning to feel a little more relaxed and the world has shown its bright colors to each of us again. We chatted online for three days for half an hour or so. Later it all proceeded to talking more and more and in two weeks we chatted sometimes for three hours or even more and then it all followed by a phone call which lasted rather long.

The following month we founded ourselves chatting the whole night and the next month was rather crucial as we decided to meet as soon as it would be possible.

So, actually in three month period after we first met online, I invited her to my country. Well, I helped her a bit with money and documents and she came to Berlin. On the meeting, after airport, we literally fell into each others hugs and knew we had to stay together forever as we both felt as we had found each others soul mate. We stayed together that night and spent a splendid week after. It’s natural that we exchanged pictures prior but those were not good enough to show her as she was. She was not only beautiful; she had so great charm I just could not keep myself from looking at her all that time. Yulia returned to Russia after that week but before she left I asked her to meet my family, and she agreed.

I visited her in four months again, and from that moment I was thinking only about us being together. The week in Russia and seeing her in her country made my love even stronger (as if it was possible). When leaving I knew I was completely in love with her, she was so great that sometimes it all seemed unbelievable!!! The hardest thing I did was leaving her at the airport and coming back to Germany. Well, we both cried as we were not sure when the next meeting would happen.

That was just the beginning of everything that has ended up in the couple living together (within two weeks of actual seeing each other).We got engaged when I was in Russia and now we are planning to marry. And we are more than sure that we’ll be living together forever!!!

We are really thankful to our destiny and to those people who took part in this for this chance given to us…
Happily in love,
Yulia and Bernd...."