Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Birthday Girl

Experts say the vast majority of 'email brides' are scams designed to lure Western men into parting with cash.

And they are the topic of a Hollywood film - "Birthday Girl" (2001)

"Birthday Girl" tells the story of John, a reserved bank teller, and Nadia, the bride-to-be he orders off the Internet site, "From Russia With Love." Nadia's profile claims she speaks English fluently and is a non-smoker. After he orders her with a credit card , she arrives off the plane, chain-smoking and answering all of John's queries with a single word, "Yes," John knows he's made a big mistake. Unable to reach the company to get a refund or get Nadia a one-way ticket back to Russia, John makes the best of it by enjoying Nadia's sexual advances (the one place they communicate perfectly is in the bedroom) and by trying to teach Nadia some rudimentary English.

Their burgeoning life together gets more complicated when Nadia's Russian cousin and his friend invade John's orderly home, providing the means for John to finally speak with Nadia via her cousin's translations. As Nadia and John get closer, the film changes to a faster pace, with criminal acts and acts of bravery (or stupidity, depending on how you view it) providing an unusual, unexpected, climax.