Friday, June 12, 2009

Find Russian Bride

Probably the hardest part of searching for a partner for life is the worry about finding "the one" - if you decided to find a Russian bride, or you are trying to see whether it is an option you wish to pursue or not, you want to make sure you're giving yourself the best chance of success.

Many websites advocate they have the best way to find your future Russian bride, but of course that's because they are selling that "best way". They will warn that other methods of finding Russian women are dangerous and cost a lot of money and that women on competitors websites are fake etc etc!

So what are the options to find your perfect Bride?

* Russian general on-line dating sites

* Russian introduction or marriage agencies on-line

* Visit Russia or FSU countries as a tourist

* Visit Russia or FSU countries on a "Romance Tour"

General Russian online dating sites

some will say this is a bad way to go because of high chances of you being targeted by scammers, but these sites are generally very cheap, for example the largest and the most respectable russian dating site will charge you only something like $ 20 for unlimited membership and you will be able to contact thousands of Russian women directly without buying email addresses or paying for reading each letter. Women join free and thus there is usually have way more women users and higher chances to find a suitable partner.

Some people warn that if you ever get approached by a Russian woman on a general russian dating site, she's almost guaranteed to be a fake (a scammer). That is simply not true. Those comments are written by owners of Introduction Agencies! Yes, you should be wary, but not dismissive of the possibilities these types of contacts can provide.

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Introduction/Marriage Agencies online

There are many many many introduction or marriage agencies out there. If you think that marriage agency sounds a lot more specific than dating site, you're right!

The idea is for the women to find husbands, not dates! It's taken very seriously, unlike dating websites where some people post their profiles on a "let's see what happens" basis. Marriage agencies mostly have potential brides, not just "dates".

Many of the large and successful agencies are based in the West, particularly in the USA, Australia, and UK. These agencies are usually operated by "Russian brides" themselves (and/or their husbands).

Like dating websites, there's good ones and bad ones. You may feel more comfortable with a reputable agency based in the West, particularly if it is in your own country. There are also many who shouldn't be allowed to operate, period!

Look carefully at what they offer, and how they charge for their services. They may show 1000's of pretty faces on their website, but that doesn't mean they are particularly good. With marriage agencies, you will need to make sure you are getting to know real women, that it is not the agency owner is writing you hot emails. Reputable agencies screen their ladie, on the other hand, non-reputable agencies will not be so thorough, or worse could be the ones doing the scamming!

"fake" women is not the only way of milking men, fees for correspondence, translation services, gifts, internet access for women etc etc etc, it makes it hard to even know if you're contacting a genuine woman let-alone being able to develop a relationship with her. Men can be "strung-along" for a while by someone who does not actually exist, all the while paying for the privilege, only to be eventually dumped and then switched to another "fake woman".

Visit Russia or FSU countries as a tourist is a good idea if you have friends over there and have somebody you trust to help with accommodations, translation and in fact ways to meet women, otherwise it can be pretty frustration unless your purpose is to see the sights and beautiful churches.

Visit Russia or FSU countries on a "Romance Tour" is also another interesting way to meet a lot of single women, but! it is very expensive and lots of single men who go on this tours report about negative experience.