Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ninety per cent of Russian marriage agencies are scams

Ninety per cent of Russian marriage agencies are scams, says Chris Berry-Dee, 50, a British criminologist, based in Portsmouth. Normally, with one of these agencies, a letter comes back very quickly. Two or three letters later, the girl asks to come and visit. But these are often just standard emails that agencies churn out.

The men are then asked to pay for gifts, translators and registration fees. They are invited on tours to the former Soviet Union to meet these women and the organizers then make excuses when the girl does not turn up at the hotel.

On some of these sites, there are thousands of interested men but very few women available. Logically, they have to be in touch with several men at once.
While the FBI receives many complaints about these services, others insist that Russian mail brides are driven by more innocent desires and simply prefer the life and manners of Western men.

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