Thursday, June 11, 2009

Russian Brides scam

He was a clerk of 52 from Massachusetts, USA and she was a 28-year- old from Kiev. Mark fell for Marina a few months back.

They made contact through an russian internet marriage agency and began exchanging emails. Although they never met, she sent him her pictures and frank, articulate emails.

Only a copule month later, Mark stood in the arrivals lounge of Dulles airport, Maryland, having wired $3,350 of his savings to Marina 's agency in Kiev.

Mark is one of hundreds of men who have fallen victim to the scams of russian and ukrainian mail brides on the internet.

Mark first sensed trouble when Marina suggested she visit him USA. She said she would needed money for visa, a flight and medical tests.

He felt something was off, but agreed when Marina's agency advised him to send money to agency account and not directly to Marina and assured him that he would recoup most of it when Marina was a visa.

Mark was delighted, there seemed like nothing to lose, so he wired the money,
but as soon as Marina was about to leave Kiev, she called, saying the airline had turned her away. She had to have $1,500 in cash in security money to clear US Customs. She said the rule was new and she was in panic, cause she did not have that much money. so Mark wired it.

Mark waited for her arrival in the airport, then he waiting for her emails but Marina had vanished. Mark began investigating and came across a site about Russian bride scams and found pictures of "Marina ", the pictures she gave him were of a popular Russian model.

Martina's marriage agency could not be reached for comment.

The stories like this one happen more often then you think, don't fall for a photo of the most beautiful woman you have ever laid your eyes on, don't use scam agencies,
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