Monday, July 20, 2009

Australian men seeking Russian Brides

there are two reasons Russian woman are attracted to Australian men. One is undoubtedly economic. There may be opportunities in Moscow, but, in many Russian villages, there are none: nothing to do, no work. There are also problems with alcoholism and crime.

The second attraction of Australian men is that many Russian women still find it hard to find a man in Russia. In many parts of Russia, women still outnumber men and women who are over 25 are often considered too old for marriage.

most Australian men want Russian women because they have given up hope of finding a local bride. some men live in rural areas and find it hard to convince women to live with them, others are workaholics and are fed up with the inefficiency of the dating scene.

But, underlying all this, is another insistent message: many Australian men say changes in relations and dating between men and women, brought about by feminism, have killed
off romance.

The idea that Russian women embody some sort of long-lost traditional femininity might sound far-fetched, but according to Judith Armstrong, an expert in Russian studies at Melbourne University, it is also, more or less, true.

Men have been in short supply in Russia since more than 20 million were killed under Stalin during and after World War II. It has deeply affected women's attitude to marriage, work and family life.

"Men were prized, but they weren't asked to do very much," says Armstrong. "Often after they came back from the war they were shattered. They easily became alcoholic and women just got used to carrying on. The standard picture of a Russian family was a grandmother, a mother and a child. A husband might or might not be there."

Armstrong says the absence of men increased the importance of family to Russian women. Under the Soviet regime, Russian women had access to work, but even those who were doctors were lowly paid and career was not as important as it was in the West. Instead of coveting a good job, Russian women set their sights on the chance to have children and become the head of a household.

"They just assume that work is drudgery," says Armstrong. "They've been doing it for years. But, at home, women always had all the power. They would always make all the decisions. That was the kind of power they were always interested in." Thus, according to Armstrong, it is hardly surprising that women who are in their late 20s or early 30s and unmarried would search for men in other countries. But that doesn't mean they are going to be submissive, and Australian men who assume otherwise will be in for a rude shock.