Thursday, July 23, 2009

Meeting your Russian Bride Parents

* When Meeting the Parents of your Russian Brides, Looks Matter

Cleanliness, grooming and presentation count when meeting the parents. With that being said, it doesn't mean you need to be a model to wow your russian bride's parents, they will already love you for making their daughter happy, but you do need to take more time than normal dressing to impress, this means no ball caps, cartoon t-shirts or clothing that needs pressing, hemming or tailoring. In general, try and be more conservative than normal while still being yourself.

* Research As Much as You Can

Researching russian culture religion, your bride's parents hobbies, interests and beliefs are great ways to prepare to meet her parents. Learn how to pronounce basic greetings. Make sure you ask your partner what customs are normal in her family, such as is it appropriate to kiss on the cheek or it is better to shake hands only.

* Don't Go Empty Handed

When meeting the parents for the first time don't go empty-handed. Flowers, wine, some souvenir from your home land are always appropriate to give as a gift to a Russian family. And if your bride tells you that gifts are not necessary - ignore them. Meeting the parents without a gift in hand is a no-no.

* Taboo Topics

Avoid all taboo topics - anything currently in the news that could be debated, politics, sex, religion and even sports. The only exceptions to this rule is if you are already absolutely positive that you and the parents agree on the subject - and even then don't share more than is necessary.

* Politeness Counts

Offer to help when the dishes need to be done), say please and thank you, treat annoying and/or frustrating family members (including pets) with kindness, put the toilet seat down, don't spit, don't whistle inside the house, don't smoke if it is a non smoking home etc.

And above all - breathe, smile, enjoy yourself and be yourself. Your bride's parents will appreciate your forthrightness and hopefully in turn see why their darling baby daughter fell in love with you in the first place.