Saturday, August 29, 2009

Real Russian Brides

Searching a real russian bride? If you are new to this you have probably read about bad dating sites and simply need some serious advice, here it goes:

If a russian woman tells you she has no phone, possibly she is real, but everyone in Russia has a phone.

If a russian woman suggests to meet you in another country, she is real if she is paying for herself and has her own passport

if a russian woman is asking for money, she could be real, but more then likely not, so do not, do not ever send money

if a russian woman talks about sex in the first few days, she could be real, but bad news, real russian brides who are looking for marriage, never talk about sex with a stranger.

Never use a dating agency where you have to pay to open letters! Don’t even waste your time at any agency that does not let you have the ladies personal address.