Saturday, August 1, 2009

Russian Brides in UK


Alyona Haynes is the estranged wife of wealthy businessman John Haynes and the face of dating websites which find beautiful Russian lovers for British men.

Ronaldo, 23, is believed to have met Alyona while out in Alderley Edge, Cheshire-a favourite haunt of his Manchester United team-mates.

Our exclusive photo shows him and the 25-year-old English Language graduate leaving the posh Piccolino restaurant in Bramhall, Cheshire, together only last weekend.

Witnesses said Ukrainian Alyona and the £130,000-a-week winker sat next to each other as they enjoyed dinner with another couple.

After leaving the restaurant the group piled into the footballer's Porsche Cayenne and sped away. Just days later Alyona joined husband John and his 11-year-old daughter Isabella at a meal to celebrate his 50th birthday-leading him to think there was a chance of them getting back together.

John said: "There is no way I could have sat down and had dinner with her if I had known she had been with Ronaldo a few nights before. Now I know our marriage is definitely over."

John has now hired a private detective to investigate his wife and has threatened to divorce her and front up the Portuguese star.

The Scouser, who is 6ft 2in and boxes three times a week, said last night: "I'm going to confront him now. Before all this, we were together for five years and had been planning a family together."

Alyona's name appears on the website From Russia With Love, which promises to "bridge the gap between young, single and educated ladies of the former Soviet Union and the lonely, despondent and usually divorced men of England."
A website for another agency called Lilialove features a photo of Alyona and the pledge to "help you meet the Russian lady of your dreams."

John, who has made millions from a commercial cleaning business, told how he met Alyona when he was on holiday in Odessa, Ukraine, five years ago. He said their marriage had been perfect until this summer.

At the time Ronaldo had just dumped lover Nereida Gallardo by text and was being linked with Italian model Letizia Filippi.

John said he confronted Alyona, who he calls Ally, recently about Ronaldo and they had a blazing row. He said: "Before we split she was telling all her friends that she was going to have a baby with me.

"I had just bought her a very nice diamond ring for her birthday and all the rest of it. It all went down the toilet rapidly, very rapidly." When their relationship broke down John bought Alyona a ticket back to Kiev on September 13.

John, who has two previous wives, even drove her the 220 miles from his £1million penthouse in upmarket Hale Village, Cheshire, to Heathrow.

But ten days later Alyona had flown back to Britain and moved in with pal Sonia Greaves, wife of former Granada TV presenter Bob Greaves. Sonia was believed to have been with Alyona on the night she met Ronaldo.

John said: "I dragged my a*se to Kiev I don't know how many times to get her visas and married her. We had our ups and downs like any married couple but this hit me like a tornado."
He said he was baffled that his wife would fall for someone like Ronaldo. He said: "Ally never goes for men with earrings. She doesn't like it."

Last night a close friend of Ronaldo said: "Alyona was separated when they first met. They are dating and this may be the beginning of something." Alyona refused to comment.