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Russian sexy model Natalia Semanova

Natalia Semanova was one of the first people to show the world the real beauty of Russian women. She is one of the most beautiful and sexy russian woman.

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She was born and raised in Moscow. When she was 14, scouts from "Elite" modeling agency invited her to participate in Elite Model Look contest -- first in Moscow, then international.

When the final round took place, contest winners were announced from 4th place up. Semanova didn't speak any English. So when they announced her as a winner -- she thought she won 4th place.

Then when everyone came to congratulate her, she was shocked. Natalia remembers that everything seemed unreal and blurred at the age of 14.

Then she moved to New York...

Even thought she won the contest, jobs weren't offered to her left and right -- she had to work to get them: go to castings and endure long hours. She states that it was extremely tough to leave friends behind, move to a different country without knowing any English. She phoned her mom often asking to take her home. But her parents encouraged her to stick with it.

And the success eventually came. Natalia Semanova started to receive offers from various designers.

A person who made a huge difference in her career was Gianfranco Ferre, who wanted her to open his show at Paris Fashion week. But French laws were very strict -- no one under the age of 16 could work.

So they seated her in the first row next to Sophie Loren. Fashion journalists were asking about a young lady sitting next to the star.

Semanova walked the runways for many designers. Natalia changed the 'age factor' in fashion business. She started a new trend in the industry: designers hiring 15 year old girls. She was part of campaign for Opium perfume by Yves Saint Laurent and she signed contract with Biotherm cosmetics.

They knew her well in Paris, New York and Milan. They loved her 'baby' face that could belong to both a young girl and a gorgeous woman. Her deep eyes made a strong first impression. She hardly put any makeup on. Photographers loved her easy-going friendly and flexible attitude...

Semanova says that she doesn't consider herself beautiful -- there are many things about her appearance that she doesn't like. When she first started she thought that older girls looked more attractive.

She often admits of her shyness and indecisiveness. When Natalia was working, she felt uneasy if someone made a negative facial expression during a photo shoot. She often judged her photographs with a critical point of view -- looking for weaknesses.

Natalia married a French guy, David, a booker for "Elite" modeling agency. She lives in Paris and is very happy in her relationship.

Natalia Semanova was the highest paid Russian glamour model in late 1990s. She 'opened the door' for many Russian models. She was the first who showed the world that Russian girls have unique and beautiful faces.