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Sexy russian brunette is a super model.

Eugenia Volodina is one of the most famous Russian models. She's known for her exotic looks, deep green eyes, and commanding walk.

In 2000 a Moscow photographer Alexei Vasiliev visited Kazan. French modeling agency sent him to find interesting-looking sexy girls in Russian provinces. Vasiliev asked Kazan agency to have portfolios of 10 girls ready. They only found 9, but decided to 'throw in' Volodina's portfolio for an even count...

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But Eugenia's pictures really impressed scouts in France, and they invited her to work in Paris the same year.

On October 17, 2000 Zhenya Volodina arrived to Paris without money or speaking any English or French. They put Eugenia into a models' hostel and told her through a translator that she would have to find work herself.

Each morning Eugenia rushed to castings, and usually came back late at night without any job offers. There were hundreds of models competing with her. And overly modest and Russian-speaking Volodina couldn't manage.

During the first 6 months in Paris, Eugenia didn't sign any significant contracts. She lived on 75 Euros a week provided by the agency. Zhenya changed her single room for a cheaper 3-person room. Sometimes she didn't eat at all saving money for clothes (a model must look her best to get a job).

Volodina was lucky enough to run into photographer Steven Meisel in one of the restaurants in Paris. Meisel was the one who propelled the careers of such star models as Linda Evangelista and Gisele Bundchen. After meeting Meisel, Zhenya's career took off.

In April 2002 Eugenia Volodina appeared on the cover of Italian Vogue. In about a month's time she opened Gucci runway show at Milan Fashion week.

In 2003 Zhenya appeared on the cover of American Vogue, and soon she signed her first million dollar contract. A year later she was 4th on the list of the world's most wanted supermodels.

Now, according to Forbes magazine Eugenia is one of the richest women in Russian show-business. She flies frequently between Paris, Milan, New York and Tokyo. Whenever she has time off work, she goes to Kazan to see her boyfriend...
Romantic Relationship
Top model Eugenia Volodina never felt lack of rich and famous admirers. Romantic relationship with a famous super model is very prestigious. But Zhenya didn't want to be a beautiful addition to yacht or mansion. She had no desire to date a millionaire for a reason that all models are supposed to do that. She wanted to build her private life on her own, and to decide herself who she should be with.

Volodina's Russian casting director tells a story about her calling him one day and saying: "some jerk phoned and he wanted me to have dinner with him for $200,000, and he wanted to send his private plane to Paris to bring me to Moscow..."

She is in a relationship with a 'regular guy' from Kazan by the name of Konstantin. They see each other only 3 months out of the whole year. Konstantin says it's extremely tough for him. He's just a bar manager dating one of the best known supermodels of the world. Eugenia helps him with the situation saying "love works wonders..."

She met Konstantin at mutual friends' New Year's party in Kazan. Then she didn't tell him that she was a famous model. She left the party right after 12 at night. Volodina had to fly to New York for a photo shoot first thing in the morning -- like in a fairy tale, Cinderella ran away at midnight.

Only in the morning Konstantin found out that he spent the whole evening dancing with supermodel Eugenia Volodina. He thought of calling her, but now would she even care about him?

She is a top model earning millions a year. And he is just a night club administrator earning about $300 a month. As a result he didn't find enough courage to call a girl of his dreams.

As Volodina recalls, she wondered if she needed to call him, besides she says "isn't it a guy's responsibility to call first?" But then after a long preparation, she dialed his number from a plane.

Konstantin and Zhenya started a wild romantic relationship on the phone. They had a chance to tell each other many stories from their lives. Konstantin learned about her habits, names of her friends, and so on. Eugenia even consulted him over the phone when she was shopping. At that time, Volodina had phone bills for over $5,000.

About a month after their first meeting, Volodina asked for a day off to fly to Moscow to meet her man. Konstantin left all his work matters to fly from Kazan. He still was afraid to disappoint her -- poor administrator, not suitable partner to a top model. And she was afraid that he would only see her as millionaire Russian fashion model.

After their initial contact she was thankful to him for treating her like a regular girl. She says that they are just a normal couple having common relationship challenges, ups and downs -- like everyone else.

Eugenia Volodina never won any beauty contests, but still she became a supermodel. She divides her life into two parts. One is in Europe where she is a celebrity. Another is in Russia where she is just an ordinary girl.