Sunday, October 11, 2009

russian bride found her australian man

I truly believe we are a lucky couple and want to share our happy story with you. I had been the member of luckylovers for 3 months only before I met Daniel. Daniel had been on the site less than 1 month when I received a private massage from him. We exchanged e-mails then after few months it progressed into 5 hour phone conversations. I bought a web cam and it began more alive, so to say. We discovered that we had mutual interests and determined that we were both not only good looking, but also both had Universities degrees in physics and enjoyed Japanese poetry. When we found out that our family values were the same we decided the time to meet came.
The meeting was not easy to arrange since we were not only from different countries but even more we were from different continents – I am from Belarus and he is from Australia.

But we did it and this meeting only confirmed the fact that we had a lot in common and were really attracted by each other. Things were getting hot and everything progressed into a real dating relationship. During that first two weeks we had a lot of fun together and enjoyed many common interests. We visited more places I did for a whole year – we went to the theatres and discos, to museums and exhibitions and were doing shopping with the same pleasure, with double pleasure than usual as we were together! But he had to go back but before leaving he told me he would like me to visit him and to see his way of life, so just in two weeks I applied for a visa. We were lucky again, though I do not have much properties and long travelling history I got the visa!!! We were almost crying after knowing that…

I’ve been constantly told that long-distance relationships are nothing good, but I do not believe in this! They can be definitive fun and romantic (though one should see the end in the tunnel to start them). Such relations make you feel very special. Every time we talked on the phone or wrote to each other, we acted like little wonder was happening and we were always thrilled to be able to talk to each other, I even do not speak about seeing each other.
But there were problems of course. When you visit, you have a limited amount of time during which all your attention is paid to each other. It's like going somewhere away for a week —great, but not real life. You never see each other in normal daily life, so I was really thankful to authorities for these three months I could spend with him in his country to get know more about each other before any more serious commitments.
But things were progressing more than well, with every day passing we liked each other more and more and the day of my departure was coming we had to decide something important. It was flying in the air but no one could start this discussion. So two days before me flying back home, he proposed me. It happened in September 2006. Daniel did it so great right when the sun was setting that I just could not refuse)).
we are so thankful to this dating site for helping us to find that special person in our lives. Without this site, our paths probably would never have crossed, and our meeting would never have been possible. We are so much excited for our future together and may God bless everyone and may everyone get their desired partner....!

Olga and Daniel.