Thursday, October 29, 2009

visa to Russia

Getting a visa to stay with your bride in Moscow or anywhere in Russia would be different to getting a regular travel visa.

if you are planning to get a visitor visa - go to the Russian consolate page for requirements. It is pretty hard to get this type of visa, and more so if you are not staying at a hotel. You need an official invitation from your friend, health insurance, and the owner of the flat you stay in has to fill out paperwork and go with you to register you within 3 days of your arrival.

and technically with the purpose of visiting someone a friend or a bride, you're supposed to get a visitor's visa, but they're a pain to get, especially for your sponsor. Much better to find an agency to process a tourist visa for you instead. There are dozens of them in the UK, USA and Oz. Just make sure the one you choose offers support for registering it when you get to Russia (shouldn't be a problem if it's Moscow you're going to) and they don't just issue the accredited invitation and then leave you to your own devices when you get there.

Expect to pay about 2x the basic cost of the tourist visa in addition to the visa fee itself, unless you need it quickly (within a few days) in which case the sky's the limit.