Monday, November 2, 2009

my beautiful Russian Queen

One evening when I was checking my e-mails on a dating site and I received a message from pretty Russian lady wishing me a happy birthday (that was great, only she was two days late)). We started correspondence and decided to turn to chat. It turned out she was at her work not having a computer at home…that was really sad because though we chatted for an hour or so and then I did not hear from her for almost three days. I tried to get rid of the thought about her, but still could not; I was waiting for her online all that time knowing that she would not be there.

I know that internet is a very limited medium, and here we even did not have it enough. Now I think it has helped us to build a very solid foundation for a friendship and love. We could not chat whenever we wanted; we did it during her lunch breaks or through net cafes and maybe that’s why those precious moments were so important to us.

So my Katya contacted me in three days and we chatted a bit longer, we tried to put as much as possible into these words that sometimes it all was like a mess, then this language barrier…but I was so afraid she would leave and never came back and I lose her forever. We hit it off like we knew each other all our lives. She was so simple and complicated at the same time that about the third chat I knew I couldn't let the most wonderful women I've ever met get away so soon I started telling her how I was feeling. She was a bit unsure at first and answered that she could not commit to anything so quickly. So she joyfully told me she would need to finish reading a book and would make her decision when it was done! Frankly I was a bit offended at first I could not sleep and eat and here she is with her book and her own mind. Now I see how wise my little princess was, she just asked some time for herself and she was nothing more but too serious to promise anything without thinking so.

Two months later after she read her book and answered yes, I took a plane flight from Germany and bought a tour for her to Czech Republic. Now I see how brave of her was to agree to meet a stranger, but we were not strangers, no, not we. That all went through so soon that I still could not find out where this week gone. We met to never be alone again.

A month later (what a difficult month it was for us) I went to Viborg, Russia (my Katya’s native town), spent 3 weeks there meeting the family, everybody was just wonderful and so friendly. The hardest part was to ask her dad if he is ok for me to marry his beautiful girl, and he did not mind. Such a great relief to me!
We had a little engagement party there, and now after all the immigration procedure is about to be, we are almost together.
Arnold – the happiest man in the Earth and my Russian Queen Katya.